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Claims Information


We understand that even the smallest claim can be stressful and sometimes complicated. If you need to make a claim please contact us at the first instance and our highly trained claims people can support you and get your claim resolved quickly.

 Most, if not all, insurance policies have claims conditions that impose certain requirements . It is important that you meet these requirements as failure to do so can lead to problems obtaining a full settlement or, getting any payment at all. We are here to help and guide you with every aspect of your claim.

Please remember these basic responsibilities when making a claim:

  • You must report the incident to us or your insurer immediately.
  • You must take all reasonable steps to minimise the loss.
  • You must work with us and/or your insurer in any investigations.
  • Where there is Third Party property damage or bodily Injury you must not admit liability to anyone and immediately refer any correspondence received to us, unanswered.